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Dear Reader,

No-one has perfect genes, but science has new answers...and they’re not ‘out there’—not yet anyway.

Brand-new discoveries have been made...a number of them within the last 12 months—and they could absolutely change your physical life...if you used them.

My Own Inherited Diseases Became a Furnace Under Me ...To Help Others

I NEVER USED TO consider my disease genes a blessing. But that’s exactly what happened.

To begin with, I inherited more than one big disease. One of them was Alzheimer’s. I got it from my father, Dr. Erwin Biser, Ph.D.—a once-brilliant mathematician. Dad used to correspond with Albert Einstein, the most famous scientist of all time. They grew up Germany and ...

Einstein and my father became scientific refugees from Nazi Germany. They got out just in time.

They eventually met at Professor Einstein’s home in Princeton, N.J. and continued their relationship for many years. To a lesser degree than Einstein, my Dad was also a pioneer.

He helped design complex aviation systems for our country’s aircraft carriers. It was a new field of mathematics and electronics called Avionics. Dad was the Chief Avionics Scientist at the U.S. Army’s base at Fort Monmouth, NJ for over 20 years. Like all scientists...

My Dad was proud of his ability to handle blackboards full of complex scientific equations. Well, as you’d expect, my Dad cherished the letters he received from Einstein addressed to “Herr Biser.” And who wouldn’t?

Yet in the end, my Dad lost his formidable mind to a cruel eraser called Alzheimer’s. His brilliance, like that of thousands with this disease, vanished into thin air. I couldn’t save him, because when my Dad was ill, I didn’t know what to do. Now—with all the new information I’ve learned, there’s so much I could have done to help him.

And from Dad and his Jewish genetic roots...

I got a big hit from Crohn’s disease (severely ulcerated, inflamed colon). Crohn’s can kill, because your colon can rupture or you can get colon cancer. I was so ill, people didn’t think I would make it. I had this as a teenager—and for years afterward. Happily, through some unheard-of discoveries, I was finally able to beat it and help others.

I also inherited a genetic time-bomb from my mother. At the instruction of her doctor...

She took large quantities of a drug called DES (diethylstilbestrol) during her pregnancy—to prevent miscarriage. That’s a drug later found to cause man-made genetic damage (and genital cancer), in the boys and girls whose Mom’s took it. It also triggers cancer in THEIR children as well. And sure enough—

Off and on during my life, I’ve sometimes felt a sharp pain in my gut—and I go, “Uh, Oh -- I hope that DES doesn’t end up killing me one day.” Yet out of all of these genetic woes came something wonderful for readers.

It made me devote my life to helping people with similar or worse genetic problems. And that’s why I’ve quietly become a trusted legend in the field. My work has gone all over the world, helping, often saving readers...from Northpole, Alaska to the island of Pago Pago in the South Pacific.

Science moves on—and what was impossible yesterday—becomes possible today. And that’s how the suffering get saved.

As we all know, your genes are Mighty—but as Science has newly-discovered, they are not ALL-Mighty. Not like you think. Here’s why...

All throughout the day, your body is receiving messages from your genes -- “Make this protein, or create that hormone,” and on and on, endlessly. But something else is happening—and it gives you a LOT of curing power you never knew you had. It goes like this...

Your body is also sending chemical commands—and critical information—back into your genes. It’s a two-way conversation: Genes to body, body to genes. Now...if you could strengthen your body chemistry, you could send the CORRECT COMMANDS, and that could...

...Alter your life and possibly save it—if it needed saving. And if you take the right steps to improve your body chemistry -- you can send the right CHEMICAL COMMANDS to your genes. This gives you the power to...

• BLOCK an inherited disease gene -- and PREVENT a disease other members of your family already had. Or you could...

• STOP an active disease gene in its tracks -- and start curing an inherited disease that’s already making you ill. I’ll explain the proof to you today. For now, please know the following:

IF you do nothing, yes, in that case, your body can indeed become a SLAVE to your genes. However, on the other hand...

IF you take the right steps to CHANGE your body chemistry, then -- in many cases, you can become the MASTER of your genes, not their servant. And that’s what brand-new science is saying, from top universities world-wide. For example...

Doctors at Harvard Medical School wrote, “The old ideas that genes are ‘set in stone’ has been DISPROVEN.” What this means to you is...

Don’t Bow Down Before Genes. I’ll give you what Harvard said, in their EXACT words. Then I’ll translate into everyday English. First is Harvard --

“Like the software in a computer’s operating system, the epigenome determines which functions the genetic ‘hardware’ does—and does not perform.” Now comes the translation that’s so important to you...

Genes are your hardware -- like the hardware in your cell phone or computer. And what’s more, sitting ON TOP of your genes is something called the Epi-Gene or Epi-genome (Epi means above). These are the ON-OFF switches for your disease genes. It’s cellular material that acts like Software. And it’s been well-proven that...

What a Top Government Scientific Evaluator Says About Sam Biser

Dr. Laurance Johnston, Ph.D. evaluates natural healing methods for the federal government. He has been a reader of Sam Biser for many years.

As part of his work, Dr. Johnston has had to read hundreds and hundreds of books on alternative healing methods. He has been funded to research everything from the ancient wisdom of Eastern medicine to state-of-the-art stem cell technology. He was the Director of the Division of Scientific Review, at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, in the National Institutes of Health.

As Dr. Johnston wrote, “First, Sam is an excellent, eloquent writer, often developing and expressing concepts in a subtle poetic fashion that seems to reflect a higher consciousness. Second, Sam talks about healing approaches that not only challenge the mainstream — as expected, but also the sacrosanct dogma passionately embraced by many of our alternative-medicine dictocrats.

“Sam does not hesitate to express higher-level healing themes, unlike many writers, including myself, who downplay concepts to make them more palatable to mainstream audiences.”

Thank you Dr. Johnston!

SOFTWARE controls HARDWARE. It’s the BOSS. So let’s discover how to use your body Software (your Epi-Genes) to control your Hardware (your Genes)—to save your life. Because for the first time in medical history, you have power...MORE than you knew.

And man, am I relieved, because I have good reason to worry...

...about losing my mind from Alzheimer’s, or losing my life to testicular cancer. But I’m really not worried, not any more. Because what I learned protects me—and can protect you (and save you), from different disease genes you may have inherited. Know this one fact:

These breakthroughs are like a harvest ready for you now -- as in Today. Unknown to many folks, we have already entered the new era of genetic healing. TIME magazine agrees. a lead article, they wrote:

“Epi-genetics: Why Your Genes are NOT Your Destiny.” They said, “The potential is staggering. Be assured: the age of epi-genetics has arrived.” So now the super-big question is...

What could possibly be STRONG enough to turn OFF an inherited disease gene? The Answer: Not what you think.

The answer is unexpected.

First of all, you might guess—from listening to news reports, that the answer is synthetic genetic drugs -- to target the bad genes. And sure, scientists are doing that. But much more work is needed, and here’s the issue—

doctors have changed their minds on plant medicine, because of mounds of new evidence

How Plant Chemicals Can Repair Bad Genes.

Wait a minute, plants repair DNA damage, huh? Oh yea. Many plant chemicals have the power to fix errors in your DNA. In fact, one recent study was titled, “Prevention and repair of DNA damage by selected phytochemicals...

As these scientists concluded, “Our results suggest these agents are chemopreventive (cancer-blocking)—by virtue of their ability to protect DNA—as well as to induce DNA repair.”

Here’s what’s so exciting: various plant chemicals can cause what’s called the ‘acetylation’ of DNA proteins. This changes what the gene can -- or cannot do. Now...that in turn affects your hormones, enzyme levels, cellular repair -- and what happens to your health. As a result...

You have so much more control over your genes than you ever thought—IF you choose to use it. And why wouldn’t you?

When you’re messing with genes -- with new synthetic compounds never-before-seen in Nature, you could easily affect OTHER genes you never intended to touch. Stuff can happen. A ripple effect. New diseases. Things no-one could see coming. As a result,

It’s not surprising that the concern is...unpredictable side-effects. Just what KIND of side-effects? Well ---

Gene drugs “can potentially switch on HUNDREDS OF GENES in healthy cells, including known oncogenes (cancer-causing genes). These drugs could cure one kind of cancer but cause another,” says a medical report in Science magazine.

As a result, here’s the good genetic conclusion no-one saw coming --

It came down to plant chemicals vs. genes. In fact, a team of genetic researchers came right out and said (in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology):

“Many natural products have the potential to be used as better epi-drugs than synthetic drugs.”

To begin with, everyone already knows that some ordinary foods contain gene-blocking, anti-cancer chemicals.

For example, it’s commonly-known that there’s chemicals called sulforaphane in broccoli -- and the organo-sulfur compounds in foods like garlic and onions—that block bad gene activity. This is just the tip of the iceberg...because there’s far more powerful gene-stopping compounds found in nature.

sam biser
Life-Saving Journalism: To crack the mysteries of stopping bad genes, I had hundreds of probing conversations with patients and healers. Like my mathematician father, I had the instincts of a scientist. As a result—
   I unearthed precious new breakthroughs on curing and preventing the worst cases of the worst gene-triggered diseases. That’s the big benefit of learning to use potent plant chemicals correctly. Readers agree...
   This is original ground-breaking material not known by even well-read health-seekers. What’s more, it’s never been released by anyone—before or since. It exists only in my Course in Genetic Healing.

But how could plant chemicals possibly be strong enough to handle inherited disease genes??? Well they are, for example...

• Did you know that the National Institutes of Health is now pouring $190 million dollars into researching what they call ‘bio-active plant compounds.’ That’s because BLOCKING disease genes—with natural plant chemicals—will help save so many people.

• One plant chemical, for example, is being used as an “HDAC -- a histone deactylase inhibitor.” This is an exciting new class of gene-targeted anti-cancer agents -- for solid and blood tumors.

• Scientists are using plant chemicals against cancer genes. One journal reported that: “Regulation of anti-tumor gene functions by polyphenols [plant chemicals] has gained immense recognition—from the point of view of both efficacy and safety.” —says the medical journal Frontiers of Bioscience (Scholar Edition).

The biggest surprise of all: Genetics and plant science came together -- they got ‘married.’ The result: Big, blow-you-over discoveries -- the kind that come along once or twice in a lifetime. I haven’t calmed down yet, because folks...

It’s an honest-to-God natural healing revolution—GENETIC HEALING with plant chemicals.


“62% of our Drugs Originally Come from Plant Sources”
—the National Cancer Institute

In the old days, doctors believed no plant compound could cure anyone of ANYTHING serious. They’re sure not laughing any more. Because...

Over 50 years of studies have proven that: Plants ARE stronger than science used to think. That’s what the National Cancer Institute found out.

They looked into it—and discovered that an average of 62% of our drugs originally came from plant sources, over the period from 1981-2002.

As the National Cancer Institute concluded: “Once more, we strongly advocate expanding, not decreasing, the exploration of nature as a source of novel active agents.”

One scientist called the creation of drugs from plants, ‘Plant plagiarism.’ In other words—

We HAD to copy from plants. Because in the end...

Nature was as smart as a fox. She had the answers. Always did. Scientists just didn’t get it. Now they do.

New plant science made simple can save you. That’s what I give you—in great detail that’s deep, but easy-to-use. Honestly, that’s what you won’t find elsewhere. Oh sure, you can get sketchy facts most anywhere. But what I give you in my Course is new knowledge that’s a mile deep.

As I found out during my own research, it’s NOT OUT THERE.

You’re probably thinking, “What can I do with this stuff NOW—to cure myself today?”

That’s exactly what I asked, for me and my readers. So I went to work and found...

Practical help in blocking genes.

As wonderful as this new research is, it often takes decades to pay out. And with my genes, I HAD to have answers NOW, not twenty years from now.

This was personal.

Fortunately, I also inherited something good from my father. It was the ability to solve extremely-difficult problems and to NEVER give up—until I located answers somehow, somewhere. And I did...for all of us.

I learned this: The chemicals in various plants -- when used in original ways, can do things to stop bad genes that frankly, seem unbelievable—unless you’ve seen the science and watched them work. I HAVE; that’s why I’m so excited. save my readers, who still suffer without having ANY idea why...

I went to work on what became the hardest research assignment of my life. Man was it hard, because --

It was over three years of slogging through thousands of research papers, written in techno-talk -- not real English.

By the time I was finished, I had analyzed the unknown discoveries of hundreds of new healer-scientists you haven’t heard of. Their work hasn’t filtered down to main street. I learned this...

MORE people, lots more than ever before -- people just like you, can be saved, but from what?

A Course in Genetic Healing, by Sam Biser For Inherited Disease

...From losing their minds to Alzheimer’s -- from disease genes they never knew they had, but they did. That’s what happened to my Dad, because no-one in my family, till him, ever got Alzheimer’s. With this new knowledge, I personally believe—based on strong evidence, that my Dad’s suffering could have been stopped in time.

READERS ASK: Genetic Healing vs. My Old Plant Medicine Discoveries — How DO they Compare?

Sam Biser on New vs Old Discoveries

Great Question. Since 1973, I’ve been known for finding great discoveries in plant medicine, that were way ahead of the field. As a result, readers today keep asking...

“Sam, how is your new work on genetic healing different? And what about the information you used to publish?”

ANSWER: First, science has moved on, and so must I. I’m a pioneer, and I keep pioneering. I always emerge from the past learnings, and break through into new areas others have overlooked. That’s WHY hundreds of thousands of readers keep following my work for the last 40 years.

Nothing stands still. Not cell phones, not plant medicine, not anything. My curent work on genetic healing is full of new discoveries, that didn’t exist ’til recently, and they’re life-saving. For example...

There’s been new genetic plant-chemical discoveries in fighting advanced cancers. Readers have already used these new discoveries to save themselves.

Second, the information I used to publish on plant medicine IS included in my new work. I build on the past, I don’t discard it.

When you stop learning, you stop curing. That’s why I keep moving forward. Because my readers—and their families, deserve the best.

...From cancers that secretly metastasized because of inherited DNA. Top-level frightened doctors now admit in their medical journals: these are tough to stop. Yet the National Institutes of Health is looking at plant chemicals—to stop what they call cancer stem cells. These may be at the core of cancers that just won’t quit. New answers have appeared.

...From silent mid-life strokes caused by damaged genes (like gene PDE4D) -- with absolutely NO symptoms (at first). And these strokes happen in spite of low-fat diets -- that people THOUGHT would keep them safe. This hits women more than breast cancer, but thankfully, you can easily learn to stop those genes.

...And from all kinds of big-consequence diseases that deep-down, get triggered by something inside the genes you inherited.

To save readers at risk—I translated this new science -- and made it coffee-shop clear and as simple as A,B,C.

So you get it.

So you can use it.

So any skeptic in your family (even your conservative doctor) can say, “I can see WHY you’re doing this,” -- and they can be totally on board -- WITH you.

As I answered more and more reader questions, and offered more and more help, it became...A Course in Genetic Healing. It’s a Course more thorough than any book on the topic. It leaps into the plant medicine future -- to save people—who could not have been helped before. Like those with hereditary cancers.

To make it EASY, I did two things...

NUMBER ONE: I combined the light, fast-reading style of popular newsstand magazines...with NUMBER TWO: the bone-deep education people go to College for.

High Blood Pressure:
Warning Sign of Alzheimer’s?
Oh yes and here’s why...

toxic compounds on brain cells

See those white clumps on the nerve cells of the Alzheimer’s brain above?

These are destructive compounds, calcification and toxic proteins. They destroy nerve cells and nerve signals. Believe it or not, they can be related to high blood pressure which does NOT come from too much salt.

We all believe high blood pressure comes from poor diet. Not necessarily. It could be gene-driven. It could come from one of the super-systems of the human body: Your immune system. This system talks to the brain, and can even control it (it’s new science). And you won’t fix the problem with some herbal echinacea. It’s much more complicated than that.

German doctors wrote: “Offspring with a parental history of Alzheimer’s should therefore be offered screening and treatment for hypertension and have their blood pressure checked—so the development of Alzheimer’s in old age can be prevented.”

Other plant chemical researchers wanted to see if they could reduce blood pressure—in animals genetically prone to it. So they deliberately gave these animals a HIGH-salt diet. Then they added plant chemicals that have been studied over 671 times.

It worked. These plant compounds lowered the blood pressure by improving the health of something called the endothelium...That’s the inner lining of your arteries. As one scientist, Dr. John P. Cooke, M.D. of Standford University said, “When the endothelium is healthy, it’s like Teflon and things don’t stick.”

Using the right plant chemicals is like lubricating your arteries. My readers know what this has done for their blood pressure. Look, legally, I have no idea if their responses are random miracles or not, but they are real to readers. My Course in Genetic Healing specializes in what is NOT OUT THERE.

Bottom-line for you: You’re busy, so you have no time for techno-talk. Yet at the same time, you need thorough explanations (not mere hot tips), so you really understand what you’re doing. In addition, I wanted you be able to rely on what I teach.

Basically, I wrote it for people like myself: I LOVE EASY (don’t we all). But on the other hand, I also LOVE learning. So that’s what my Course gives you. BOTH. And what’s more...

To help you—and your doctor, the Course is completely referenced with the latest science. In lesson after lesson, you’ll learn space-age genetic healing, with plant chemicals easy-to-get and easy-to-use—written with rocking-chair readability. In addition, the Course has a detailed 34-page index, so you can find everything super-fast. A few of the hundreds of genetic jewels you’ll master include topics most dear to my heart—

Such as the genetic disease that took down my Dad. That’s why, in all humbleness, I can offer you what I deeply believe are some surprising...

Answers to Alzheimer’s

Yes, I am aware that Alzheimer’s (or dementia) can be genetic. Even so, I still believe (from new findings): Even if BOTH your parents had Alzheimer’s, and your risk rose from 10% to 42%, that does NOT mean you ever have to get it—or suffer from it.

First of all, in a world of medical geniuses and awesome organizations, how could it be that some new answers could be overlooked? Let’s now see.

And second, how could I, a non-doctor and a journalist, possibly uncover what the Big Guns may have missed, or failed to use? I don’t know. All I say is: Just Be Open. Because I can tell you for a fact: my Course does have discoveries that have startled even hard-core, heavy-readers of today’s health literature. One reason for my fury—

Alzheimer’s isn’t just another topic for me. It’s a threat to my life. It runs in my blood. So finding new answers is not OPTIONAL. I have to.

I say to you now exactly what I would tell you if we met over a cup of coffee. I would look you in the eye and say, “I’ll never give you false hope. Not ever. Because I never want anyone to do that to me. Instead, I’ll truthfully tell you how to get improvements that are real. Changes in your loved one that will make your heart smile. And them too.” Let’s get started.

A Flood of Sugar Damages Organs—Like Rising Water Damages Homes. Here’s help.

rising blood sugar wrecks organs, like foodwaters wreck homes

Even short surges in blood sugar damage your heart’s DNA, says new research. In addition...

Higher-than-normal sugar from bad genes can wreck other organs, in this way: horrible eyesight (the eyes are more sensitive to sugar than other tissues) Alzheimer’s (some top scientists now consider it to be a form of Type 3 diabetes) cancer cells migrating into your liver (yes, higher sugar triggers this too).

Even if your higher blood sugar is genetic, you can beat it anyway. Because genes are not frozen in stone. Their on-OFF switches can be controlled by plant chemicals; this is not theory. Look at this—

As one European medical journal admitted: “These plant chemicals show a mechanism that current anti-diabetic drugs do not have. For instance, they have shown effects on pancreatic D-cell number and mass improvement.”

From what I’ve seen, you can regenerate organs and get strict control of sugar. Yet sometimes you have to throw standard health advice out the window. Inside the Course on Genetic Healing, you’ll discover how to stop seriously overlooked factors that constantly kick your sugar higher -- in spite of your wonderful diet. Once again, I will teach you what you DON’T know and really don’t expect.

And let’s begin with two pieces of medical reality, one you may know, the other you may not. Then I’ll introduce you to one of many real-as-red-tomatoes breakthroughs.

Medical Reality #1: When doctors speak privately to other doctors about Alzheimer’s, they say things they may not tell you. Why? Because the truth bites, IF you follow only their methods—and nothing else. I now quote them...

An article in the International Review of Neurobiology said of Alzheimer’s, “Current drugs improve symptoms, but do not have profound neuroprotective and/or disease-modifying effects.”

In addition, top researchers at the University of California wrote: “As the number of patients with Alzheimer’s disease continues to rise, the need for efficacious therapeutics is becoming more and more urgent.” And finally,

Doctors openly confess: “Dementia pathologies such as Alzheimer’s disease are reaching epidemic proportions, yet they are not successfully managed.” —says the medical journal Drugs & Aging. To sum-up: Doctors don’t have answers. And what’s more—

Medical Reality #2: Two of the drugs doctors DO use for Alzheimer’s are both derived from plants. One is Galantamine, from the early spring snowdrop flower, used in European folk medicine. The other drug is Physostigmine, a semi-synthetic compound from an ancient African bean. Maybe now you could understand better why the medical journal Current Alzheimer Research recently said—

“It is not surprising that many plants are now being investigated as a potential source of new therapies for Alzheimer’s.”

So what about breakthroughs that COULD change your loved ones life, such as this?

The BIG PICTURE: As you go beyond 40, a good mineral can start getting in the wrong place -- your BRAIN. And it’s part of the problem in Alzheimer’s. But you can stop it. This explains...

Why your brain may be turning to stone, say aging experts. What can you do to change this?

Birds migrate. So does calcium.

Birds fly south. Calcium travels too.

Unreported Medical Facts...

New Answers for Macular Degeneration

macular degeneration is one of THE biggest causes of adult blindness

Don’t believe the eye doctor when he says macular degeneration is incurable. Doctors know a lot...but they don’t know everything—especially when it comes to plant chemicals.

Your eyes can be be degenerating from damage to eye-DNA, or from genetic weakness in that area. Did you know that plant chemicals can regulate eye DNA? For instance, they can affect the “activation of many cellular regulatory proteins such as NF-kappaB,” says a report in the medical journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine. To make it simple, plant chemicals can control DNA activity. By affecting DNA, these plant chemicals “inhibit cellular inflammatory responses and protect cells.” Macular degeneration can be curable, but not like you think.

Here’s some reader news from the front-lines of eye healing: One Course reader, Joyce M., was developing macular degeneration. The specialist made her feel she was going to go blind. She did the Course programs and said...

“The lines on the Amsler Grid were losing that wavy appearance—and are almost completely straight now.” She also said, “Last month, my driver’s license was renewed with no problem, and I am once again a voracious reader...without glasses or a magnifying glass.”

Yes, her case may be an exception. I can’t know or predict what your results will be. All I do know is that Joyce is one happy woman, because of what she learned from my Course. And she didn’t learn it elsewhere, because it’s really NOT OUT THERE. Read from pages 597 onward in my Course, to get your answers.

As you get older, calcium does a long mineral migration.

It leaves its traditional home in your body—and relocates.

But where does it go?

It migrates from hard tissues (your bones) and moves over into soft tissues. Exactly what soft tissues? Here’s a few—

It goes from your bones—into your eye: CATARACTS.

It goes from your bones—into your joints: ARTHRITIS.

It goes from bones—into your kidneys: KIDNEY STONES.

It goes from bones—into your arteries: ARTERIOSCLEROSIS. (Arteries once soft and pliable become as brittle as dry spaghetti.)

It goes from your bones—into your brain: ALZHEIMER’S.

Calcium in your brain? Is that possible?

Oh yes.

Evidence shows: Calcium can deposit in your master gland upstairs, your pineal gland. In addition, calcium can clog the core of your neurons. These are the cells that transmit your text messages -- from you to you.

Eventually, when enough neurons go down, you can’t remember what you did yesterday. Because it never got written to the hard drive in your head.

Yes, Calcium is great when it’s soluble. That means it stays in solution. It’s not so great when it slowly deposits. Why?

Because deposits equals disease.

Different deposits cause different diseases.

The health movement talks about wastes inside your colon.

They are right. However—the worst wastes don’t come from the colon. Instead, they are generated, created, and deposited—by your own metabolism.

In fact, Alzheimer’s itself is a Disease of Deposits.

When the calcium deposits move in, the intelligences moves out. What to do.

Calcium has consequences.

One medical report laid it out: “Larger calcification volume is associated with worse cognitive performance.”

More calcium upstairs, less good thinking.

This is not some hare-brained idea from health quacks. This is the Federal Government doing the talking. Did you know what our National Institute of Aging discovered--

“The available data show that perturbed cellular calcium homeostasis PLAYS A PROMINENT ROLE in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s.”

Who would have guessed...our old friend calcium, is up to no good. Yes, it’s great in Bones, but not when it acts LIKE A SANDSTORM in the desert -- and gets everywhere it’s NOT supposed to be—and clogs things up -- like inside your BRAIN.

New discoveries...

For People Worried About LUNG Diseases

lung disease victim, but you can beat lung disease, even at advanced stages; learn how

Maybe you haven’t heard the news, but doctors are now talking about lung regeneration. A recent report in the European Respiratory Journal was titled, “Rebuilding a diseased lung: repair and regeneration.”

A report by doctors at Harvard Medical School said there is, “Evidence for adult lung growth in humans.”

In the past, doctors didn’t think lungs could regrow. New evidence is proving them wrong. Thank God for science. A new study reported on the, “Molecular basis of lung tissue regeneration.”

Doctors are facing facts: Transplants are NOT the way. Regeneration is. Because chronic lung diseases (including lung cancer) are the second leading cause of death in the world—and there’s not enough donor organs to go around. By contrast, let new knowledge of plant chemicals make you smile because...

• An aggressive program of plant chemicals targeting the lungs -- is what you’ll learn inside my Course in Genetic Healing. For example, regarding lung cancer, you’ll learn about plant chemicals that caused ‘significant cancer cell death in both small cell and non-small cell human lung carcinoma,’ says a medical report.

• Discover the details (not theory), to trigger lung regeneration in diseases such as COPD (chronic obstructive lung disease), idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, sleep apnea, emphysema, and advanced asthma. You’ll even learn the case details of what one man did to recover from lung cancer in both lungs. Keep in mind, this is only anecdotal (not typical and not double-blind scientific proof, said my lawyers). But what person with lung disease can wait a decade...for doctors to figure out the practical, use-at-home details—which this Course already has today.

• Remove old cigarette tar and other poisons from your lungs—so you can finally recover. For example, in people who smoked for years, you might smell the odor of cigarettes in the person’s breath. Or it can come out the skin pores on their chest. These things DO happen.

• Use a little-known discovery regarding the role of hormones in the regeneration of lungs. It’s from the University of Wisconsin. I’ll bet not one person in 10,000 ever heard of this, but my readers are using it today. You can too. You’ll even learn how to get cigarette tar from 30 years ago to exit from sick lungs. The answers you pray for ARE inside this Course in Genetic Healing.

Medicine is aware of the problem. But it can’t be solved with drugs called calcium-blockers. Doctors already tried that. What happened when they did?

Calcium-blockers produced mixed results. That’s not surprising, because drugs are not the answer. The answer is plant chemicals. And not a SINGLE plant. A full program, like what my Course teaches. And WHY??

Well, as a leading medical journal (Current Pharmaceutical Design) reported: “The present one-drug, one-target paradigm for anti-Alzheimer’s treatment appears to be clinically UNSUCCESSFUL.” Amen, and that’s why I tell Course readers—

You need advice that will NOT go down well in supplement-seller circles. Because big $$$$ are involved. Readers are told that all they have to do is pop a few Ginko-based capsules or take some mineral supplement, and they’ll blow-off this brain-disease. Really? If only it were that easy. The true EASY way?

Do it right, because: There are RULES for getting RESULTS. So what might you see from a plant chemical, brain-rebuilding program?

Some have spoken for the first time in years. One man -- whose caregiver wife died before him, said, “I have no more brain fog. I wish I could have felt this good when my wife was alive, so we could have had some some happy times together.

Maybe his case is not typical, but he is a real Alzheimer’s sufferer, rising from the deep. In my personal view, the amount of the person’s recovery comes down to this—

The degree of your improvement will depend on the effort you put into the programs. Most people do not do near enough, for two reasons:

SIMPLE ERROR #1) They TOTALLY BELIEVE the doctors (and other family members) that nothing much can be done. So they don’t try too hard -- at all; and then...

SIMPLE ERROR #2) They have been brainwashed by medical and healthfood advertising into believing that all cures should be one-or-two pill cures -- and that’s it. Yet as medical research shows, these kind of cures DO NOT WORK for this kind of disease. When you DO IT RIGHT, what does happen? Well, I’m not saying...

...that your loved one will be playing chess again. But what if they remember you again, or begin reading the newspaper again, or start taking an interest in life again? Yes, I’ve heard of a few people coming back, but I can’t prove it or promise it. You have to rebuild a brain, and frankly, that takes work. As any farmer will admit,

“A big harvest takes more than mere seeds. It takes a season of effort.” Are you up to it? Yes, plant chemicals are strong. You must be too. And that’s my honest answer.

Now that I’ve discussed one big genetic disease the doctors ADMIT they don’t have answers for, here’s another.

It’s not about first-time cancers they can handle, it’s about cancers that COME BACK. And THAT can be a completely different issue, as you’re about to see...

Cancer coming Back. What you can DO to stop that from happening. Some scientific steps.

One of the best ways I know to...

Enjoy Life with No Fear—YEARS After Cancer

image of rocking chair, a symbol of care-free life when you know for sure that cancer is never coming back

To live without fear, you have to stop the CAUSE of a cancer coming back.

To live without fear, you have to change your body chemistry, so you are stopping disease genes, instead of allowing them to thrive.

To live without fear, you can’t just use chemo to kill a cancer, then hope for the best, year after year. You have to take action. You have to do something DIFFERENT. That something is the aggressive use of plant chemicals—not the occasional cup of green tea.

Genes are tough buggers. They don’t roll over for some organic salad.

Plant chemicals ARE strong. Science says so. But if you don’t learn HOW to use them, you are leaving the door open—to a return of your cancer. Close that back door. Live with no fear, just great joy. To me, that’s a strong reason to get my Course in Genetic Healing

I have unexpected good news, real news -- not some future baloney. This is a NOW breakthrough.

First off, as any cancer patient will tell you, the real fight begins AFTER the cancer is gone.

It’s the constant fear. Will it come back? If so, when? You’re never really FREE, are you? Tests and more tests for years to come. And any one of those tests can come back with the dreaded word, “Positive.” Fortunately, I have some good news.

Guess what? Top genetic researchers have discovered answers that can help you...

Stop a MAJOR cause of recurring cancers.

First, I’ll explain the secret problem that CAUSES relapses. Then I’ll explain the unknown solution.

To begin with, today’s cancer treatments ARE designed to destroy fast-growing cancer cells. These are the kind that make up most of the mass of cancer tumors.’s treatments are NOT designed to destroy a special type of cancer cell. What are they?

They are the SLOW-GROWING super-powered cancer stem cells. Scientists now believe these form the nuclear core of many tumors. But you ask...

What’s a cancer stem cell? Basically, it began as a super cell—the kind Nature intended -- to create healthy new organs and tissues. Then something went wrong. A cancer stem cell is a once-good stem cell that’s genetically-mutated. So instead of producing healthy new tissues, it produces super-strong cancers. It has all the power of a stem cell, but with a ‘hostile’ attitude.

These cancer stem cells are EXTREMELY radiation and chemo resistant. So you can wipe out 95% of the basic tumor with chemo. But the cancer stem cells can regrow -- and can create a brand-new tumor. One team of scientists called cancer stem cells “cancer’s locomotive engine.”

So that’s why there are so many cancer cases, which get cured -- the first time. Then the cancer comes back—and for a reason no-one ever fully explained to you (or the recent good news either)...

You Can Stop...
Cancers from the Womb

cancers of the genitals can occur due to trauma to previous generations, from rape, incest, and harsh times

These are gene-triggered cancers of the sex organs in men and women. They have a little-known cause—and a little-known cure.

While you were in the womb, you could have picked-up a type of DNA damage triggered by inherited experiences. This damage ended-up on your mother’s genes. Yes, it’s scientifically-true. And what’s more...

You could have inherited the intense experiences (rape, incest, hard times) of previous generations in your family (many folks actually do)...says ground-breaking research recently published in a medical journal called, ‘Frontiers of genetics.’ As they reported...

This type of DNA-denting or damage is triggered by emotionally-wrenching experiences—from the past. It goes back three generations or more before you. The genetic scientists concluded, “Ancestral programming sets the stage for responses to stress, diseases, and aging across the lifespan.” These inherited emotions are scientifically strong enough—to leave what are called epi-genetic markers—on the outside of your genes.

One researcher noted a high amount of certain cancers coming from these past experiences. It was often cancers of the sex-organs. So in a woman, it’s breast or ovarian cancer. In a man, it’s testicular or prostate cancer. As you’ll find out, there IS a strong reason why THESE organs are targeted—and not others. These womb-triggered cancers can be extremely-resistant to medical therapy. Yet fortunately...

There is a way to reverse the damage. It was discovered by the leading-edge gene researcher I interviewed for years. He almost died himself (and would have) -- if he hadn’t discovered this. A genetic truth...

Unless your ancestors had a perfect life, and whose did?, you need to read Lesson 13 of my Course, “The Gene-Bending Power of Life Experiences.”

In that Lesson, you’ll learn how to protect (and save) family members, by using new genetic discoveries that are NOT OUT THERE—they’re only in this new Course.

It’s because the cancer stem cells are STILL there. It may take more than chemo to wipe them out. For instance, Medicine cures tens of thousand of women of breast cancer. And that’s wonderful. Yet there are so many cases...

...when the cancer returns later, in the bones, in the brain. Happened to a friend of ours. Because of cases like this, doctors couldn’t save the 206,983 women who died of breast cancer between 2003 and 2007, the last period for which complete statistics are available. In fact, it’s numbers like these that led one scientific team to admit—

“Current treatments are highly ineffective against breast cancer, likely due to the innate therapy resistance of cancer stem cells.”

It’s the same problem with other cancers -- a recurrence, after initial success. Let’s look at other top cancers, then plunge into new ANSWERS that can save thousands.

Here’s where you need a back-up plan for stopping a re-occuring cancer. Hey, it’s just like you make a back-up for your computer files. Now make a back-up plan for your body. Because the following numbers strongly say: This really matters. Okay, here we go—

As far as colon cancer, for example, doctors couldn’t save the 268,783 men and women who died of this—in spite of the best medical treatment...

Or the 144,926 men who died of prostate cancer. In fact, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States...

It goes on and on, with numbers for lung cancer being four times as big...

And that’s why, in spite of all the huge progress that’s been made with anti-cancer drugs, there are still...

Huge scientific reasons to look at the power of plant chemicals.

So when your doctor says, “We got it all,” does he mean all the cancer stem cells too? I hope so. To stop cancers from EVER coming back, you’ll never guess what top researchers are now turning to—

Plant chemicals.

And when I say top scientists, I mean top. I mean the National Cancer Institute. And by the way...

The National Cancer Institute is not just talking prevention. They mean treatment too. As they said, “Phytochemicals can be used to target cancer stem cells.”

Imagine that, the Feds love plants. Because the chemicals they contain are no joke. The joke is on people who DON’T learn how to use them.

To ignore plant chemicals—as taught in my Course in Genetic Healing, could be a serious mistake.

That’s why, in my Course, I give you the latest scientific recommendations for getting effective results in super-tough cases.

Let me give you a recent example...

This happened with a reader of mine.

A good friend of hers had advanced breast cancer. The friend had already done medical and natural treatments and was in real danger of losing her life. The cancer had gotten worse and was clearly metastasizing.

brain scan

Plant Chemicals for Brain Cancer. What Science Says...

You may think plant chemicals are weak. Top scientists don’t.

Now they’re talking about using an overlooked plant chemical for actual treatment of one of the most lethal cancers, brain tumor. This disease often leaves patients with a life expectancy of about 15 months.

Scientists writing in the medical journal Life Sciences said that one plant chemical destroys human brain cancer cells two different ways.

One is by speeding-up a process called apoptosis—nature’s method for destroying old cells. The second is by a process called terminal differentiation. This a genetic way of causing wild and crazy young cancer cells to quickly mature, grow old, and lose their ability to endlessly reproduce.

As the scientists concluded, “This research may provide further support for anti-tumor therapies based on this compound. Consideration should be given to developing this plant chemical for use in chemotherapy for malignant human glioblastoma [brain cancer].”

You either learn how to use these plant chemicals now (for at least a PART of your cure), as taught in my Course. Or you can wait, and wait, and wait...for scientists to figure out what has already been discovered. Your safest choice: get the Course in Genetic Healing, use it—and protect your family today.

The reader sent me some pictures of the tumor bursting through the skin. And all I could say to myself was, “Oh my God, I don’t know how this woman can make it.”

Out of love, our reader took her friend and her husband into her home—to try and save her.

Let’s fast-forward to the end of the story:

One day, after a lot of intensive work, the doctor comes to the house for a visit. He said, “Melanie, I don’t want to pretend like I understand what is happening here. All I can figure out is that your love and care has caused this to happen.” He went on...

“I am looking at pink tissue, where cancer is supposed to be is nothing short of a miracle.“

Now that the crisis is over, her friend’s strength is ever so slowly beginning to build. The worst is behind her. Her story demonstrates what I’ve learned in the last year. And it’s this...

Never under-estimate what plant chemicals can do to stop an inherited cancer. At least use these plant chemicals as PART of your program. Look, do you know what scientists are NOW saying?

Evidence that compounds from plants may have a potential inhibitory effect on cancer invasion and metastasis is increasingly being reported in the scientific literature.” —says the medical journal Cancer Treatment Review.

“Regulation of anti-tumor gene functions by polyphenols [plant chemicals] has gained immense recognition—from the point of view of both efficacy and safety. —says the medical journal Fronters of Bioscience (Scholar Edition).

Although your family and friends don’t realize it, they really DO need this Course. Because unknown to most people, doctors STILL don’t have great answers for cancers that metastasize. As a group of Asian scientists just said...

“Cancer metastasis is the major cause of cancer-related death.” But it doesn’t HAVE to be that way.

When I first saw photographs of this woman’s breast cancer, I thought to myself, “It’s out of control. Too far gone. No-one could recover from this.” My take on it—

I was gobsmacked (astonished), as the British say, when I heard of her recovery.

Holy Man

What the Holy Man Told Sam

I never knew he was there, because he stayed Holy Men often do.

For almost 40 years (since the 1970’s and unknown to me), he was quietly watching...listening...reading everything I wrote. When it was time, he finally spoke.

My reader, Dr. W., was a monk...and a master healer too. He had all kinds of medical and natural healing degrees—and wisdom. So what he said carries a lot of weight.

Like many of my readers, the monk had everything I published. But he just got my new Course in Genetic Healing. He wanted my new knowledge on gene-healing to be taught at “open-minded Medical, Dental and Naturopathic schools, as most students and patients,” he said, “are only getting parts of the truth. Most schools don’t have a clue as to why we heal, and why we get ill.” He got that right. What he meant was...

Ignore genes -- and you’ve only got half a loaf -- not the Big Picture you stop or cure diseases that run in your family. As Monk W. also told me: “In spite of all my degrees, I still felt...I knew only pieces of the pie. I still must admit your courses always have me saying, ‘Aha, WOW, so THAT’S the real reason why THIS works, and that doesn’t.

Thank you Monk.

Sure, my lawyers don’t want me to claim this is a typical result, so I won’t. Because the truth is: I don’t know. BUT I DO KNOW WHAT I’VE SEEN. I now know what is possible. What I’ve seen has made me a believer. Of most importance to you is this...

To get to your cure, you follow a road paved with details. And THAT’s what the Course is rich in...the practical. In other words, what to do, every step of your way.

I captured make-or-break healing details that can save lives. What I wrote down is EXACTLY what’s missing out there.

And what IS out there?

Over-simplified stuff. This is what famous physicist Albert Einstein warned about. He wasn’t a doctor, but he said something that applies. He used to say, “Everything should be as simple as possible—but NO simpler.

If someone was giving you directions to get to another city, you wouldn’t want critical steps left out, would you? -- just to make it simpler! What earthly good is ‘simple’ if it’s incomplete—and sends you to the wrong place. Sounds obvious, but when it comes to health, that’s exactly what happens to many of us...

Readers are in such a rush for results that they insist on simple, fast answers. They say, “Just tell me the name of the nutrient, or where to get the right formula or supplement, and I’ll be on my way to health.

Or readers ask for a natural tip to solve their problems—right away. I have to tell my readers, “Whoa, not so fast. It’s not THAT simple.

It’s this kind of thinking (I do it too)—the craving for over-simplified answers, that keeps people ill, because they never learn all the facts they need to get well.

You know, today, it seems like everybody and his brother in natural healing circles thinks they can easily and quickly cure cancer or anything else—with minimal effort. Take this oil—or this anti-cancer tea or use this visualization tip they learned at a seminar, etc—and you know what? They’re nuts.

Yea sure, quite a number of natural-minded folks get cured of dreadful conditions. But others are not so lucky. Because they get sold on various products...and on outdated, half-baked facts. People somehow believe the best knowledge is free and is out there. Not what I’ve seen—and like everyone else, I’ve sure tried.

reader who beat terminal bladder cancer

Terminal Bladder Cancer: Harry Surprised Doctors.

Harry used to have terminal bladder cancer. Not any more. It left. He didn’t. Both men and women get cancers in the groin. These include prostate, testicular, colon, anal—and in women, ovarian and vaginal cancers. Here’s some wonderful news: According to recent evidence from the University of Pittsburgh...

“[Plant chemicals] suppress many processes relevant to tumor progression, including cellular proliferation, neoangiogenesis, epithelial-mesenchymal transition, and self-renewal of cancer stem cells.

To crack these types of cancers takes special methods, because of the location. My reader Harry would have gladly done chemo—but his doctors said, “Your bladder cancer is terminal.” They sent him home to die.

Harry then used a program of plant chemicals aggressively, and why not? Better than a box. He blew off the tumor through hard work. Sure, Harry’s case is not typical. I can’t predict your response. But Harry was happy. To learn what Harry did, be sure to carefully read the new discoveries that begin on pg 366 of my Course.

People believe they’re using the BEST of natural healing. No—not if they ignore genes, they’re not. Let me now explain something critical to your life. It’s about genes, and it’s well covered in my Course...

THE GENE CANCERS DESPISE: Scientists actually call this, “The Guardian Angel Gene.

This is gene p53, which we all have. And that’s GREAT News.

If it mutates in your body, it stops working. It goes off duty. P53 gene mutations are connected with what doctors call “shorter survival.” Cancers can sprout and go hog-wild -- even if you’re on a super diet. That’s what shocks the daylights out of healthfooders. Happily...

With new principles of plant chemical therapy, you can TURN-ON the Gene P53—and shut down a cancer’s food source. If cancers can’t get their favorite meal, they DIE. Please know this:

This is not theory. Here’s what happened with real cancer patients...

Doctors in the USA and Italy tested the idea of shutting-down the cancer feast. It worked so well, that guess what?

You’d think doctors would roll this out and save thousands of more patients right now—who can’t be helped in any other way. Well, that’s not what happened. Instead—and this woke me up to research reality...

They plan on more, more and more tests for years to come -- to prove it endlessly to the billionth degree, before they reveal a word of it to you. But because of my Course, you can easily do this at home -- today.

You’d have to be crazy not to use plant chemicals for at least a part of the cure of your cancer. In this Course in Genetic Healing, you’ll learn the must-know details of how such cures are created. That way, you can do it too.

I’m talking about ‘keep-you-here’ details like this...

HELP FOR Cancer-Prone Women: First, the medical reality, then the wonderful news.

What women need to know about...

Fighting Female Cancers

My wife Sandra with our Scottish Terrier Suzi; Sandra would use plant chemicals to fight breast cancer, or any other

IF my wife Sandra ever got breast, uterine, or ovarian cancer, she would always include in her treatment an aggressive program of plant chemicals. Because Sandra knows what you may not.

She knows that, according to a leading cancer center in Texas, “Once metastic disease develops, the possibility of a cure is very limited or practically non-existent.” The bottom line on beating metastasis, say new genetic discoveries: Cancer is like dandruff. Because it sheds. As cancer experts in Germany discovered, “The prognosis of cancer is worsened upon shedding of tumor cells from the primary tumor, which escape to the blood and form metastases at distant sites.” As for cures, the experts said...

Plant chemicals significantly inhibited the invasion of tumor cells.” What was once quackery—the treatment of cancers with plant compounds, is now getting some heavy guns behind it. No-one’s laughing anymore. Not at the university level. And in my Course, you’ll get all kinds of specific instructions and specific programs. Even well-read health-seekers, after they get the Course, admit, “They didn’t know it.”

Bone cancers are common in women with breast cancer. 60 to 80% of patients with recurrent breast cancer eventually show cancer in the bones. As for men, one study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed—up to 75% of prostate cancer victims get bone cancer. Cancers love bones. In fact, cancer cells produce sticky factors that...

...‘glue’ them to bone marrow and bone tissues, says cancer expert David Roodman, M.D, Ph.D. Now the good news...

GOOD NEWS #1: For women with mutated BRCA genes BRCA1 and BRCA2...Did you know there are steps you can take to “modulate the risk of hereditary breast cancer—by decreasing DNA damage—or by enhancing DNA repair,” says a new medical report. The Course gives you plenty you can do.

GOOD NEWS #2: First, plant chemicals can significantly reduce DNA damage from medical radiation, says a report in the medical journal Mutagenesis.

GOOD NEWS #3: Second, an extremely-aggressive program of plant chemicals, can, believe it or not, stop and reverse bone and bone marrow cancers. Yes, you can rebuild the marrow and recover from multiple myeloma.

And what’s can attack (and defeat) the cancer with a specialized plant chemical home program. It was designed, tested and proven (in a clinic) on advanced cases, even for patients with 80% or more bone cancer. So I’ll explain this unknown fact to you...

GOOD NEWS #4: Part of the answer is dosages. Basically, here’s the problem: plant chemicals are as powerful as drugs, but NOT in the DOSAGES people use. As one medical journal, Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, stated in doctor-talk:

“The main discrepancy between health claims versus clinical observations is the frequent use of non-physiological-relevant concentrations of these compounds.” In layman’s language...

Your doses are so small, that to the body, they are useless. Bone cancer (and other advanced tumors) are like a mule with a made-up mind. You have to kick them in the rear-end—and hard. Or they don’t move out.

So...all throughout the Course in Genetic Healing, you’ll read scientific, gene-stopping dosages. They are covered thoroughly.

A big point—

Bottom-line: Plant chemicals can replace many drugs, but that DOES NOT HAPPEN when you just eat green beans for dinner. Good food is good, but not good enough. And since we all have a different chemistry, there’s something you HAVE to know—because it affects results SO much. It’s this...

Colon Cancer Help

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men and women, but you can beat it. Fortunately, plant chemicals can help you, say new discoveries...

For example, a team of nine scientists announced in the Journal of Medicinal Food, “This plant compound may have a beneficial effect for the treatment of colon cancer.” They got that right, because one of my readers...

...had Stage 3 Colon Cancer. The reader refused surgery and a colon bag, because at 87, she didn’t want to live like that.

She used a program of plant chemicals. Her supervising doctor said, “Something’s going on, because the tumor seems to be shrinking and pulling away from the colon wall.”

End of story: It’s now 11 years later. No surgery was ever needed. I am required to tell you that this recovery is not typical and it may be a spontaneous remission. I don’t know. Why NOT use the plant chemical program in my Course in Genetic Healing— for at least a PART of your cure? Know this: plant chemicals have recently (May 2012) been proven to...

...Affect the multidrug resistant gene (MRP1) that can determine whether a patient lives. This is info you can use to STAY ALIVE.

Vastly different doses for different folks. So inside the Course, all this is explained in a way you’ve never seen before. Once you read all this (and use it), you’ll absolutely agree: it’s just NOT OUT THERE, except in this easy-to-use Course in Genetic Healing.

HELP FOR MEN: Shutting-down a therapy-resistant, hormone-independent prostate cancer.

British researchers learned how to start killing these resistant tumors cells within two hours. As one stunned researcher in Los Angeles said...

The tumours shrank, while, in the non-treated, they just grow.” You will learn effective stop-the-disease dosing which doctors have discovered. It’s just as important in plant medicine—as it is in orthodox medicine.

Last Saturday, I got an email from a reader who almost died.

My reader was a 61 year-old trucker who awoke at 3AM one morning—and couldn’t urinate. They catheterized him to get him to go. Problem solved? No.

They also did a PSA test for prostate specific antigen—a marker for tumors. Normal is 1 to 4. His was higher. It was 127. Not a touch of cancer. A forest fire.

They rushed him into a CAT-Scan. Confirmed. Stage 4 Cancer—the final stage. That’s like a Class 5 tornado in Arkansas. Nature at its worst. It had already spread into his bones -- his spine and pelvis.

He was NOT a cigar-smoking, grease-eating, red-meat-crazed jerk. He was a smart guy—an old reader who walked the straight and narrow.

Find out if heart trouble is on its way...

Take this Simple Genetic Self-Quiz

THE BEST WAY to stop heart failure or a stroke is to notice signs everyone else misses,then take action.

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, a number of these signs may mean you are 6 to 7 times as likely to die of a heart attack or stroke. One-half of the victims may have no prior signs or symptoms at all.

Which signs apply to you?

• Aches and pains in legs that seem like signs of old age (when muscles starve for blood, they hurt).

• Decreased hair growth on legs.

• Constant paleness in skin.

• Sores on toes, feet, or legs that heal slowly.

• Erectile dysfunction (The drugs for these condition are actually treating symptoms of heart disease).

• Cool hands and feet year-round.

To get the help you need, get the Course and read Lesson 3 starting on page 119, titled, Heart Disease: Stop Disease Genes that Diet Alone Can’t.

He was scared—got my Course—used new research from Rome—that shuts down tumors. I reported on this starting on page 282 of my Course in Genetic Healing. The research was funded by our own National Institutes of Health. As skeptical doctors discovered, this had benefits that "would be difficult to achieve even with a cocktail of potent drugs," says a report in the genetics and cancer journal Oncogene.

Over time, this reader’s PSA went down from 127 to 7.9. A recent bone scan shows he is almost fully recovered. He’ll get there. Now, my lawyer told me...

“Sam, you’ll legally have to say that his results are not typical—and are not what your readers can expect.” Okay, I got it. So all I CAN say is that this information is thoroughly covered in my Course. Haven’t seen it elsewhere.

COLON-BREAKDOWN from Genes. How to Turn-ON Your Good Genes.

If you or a loved has Crohn’s disease (severe intestinal inflammation and bleeding), IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), or out-of-control diarrhea, I can tell you, from personal experience, how to solve it.

I suffered endlessly, dripped blood for years, and it nearly killed me, and all my library of health books didn’t ever stop my colon crisis for even a day. One thing I learned—and it led straight to my salvation...

I found out why plants traditionally used, such as psyllium seeds, are NOT the answer. It’s because they don’t correct the gene-triggered mineral imbalance that causes intestinal cells to break down by the millions. If you don’t fix that, the psyllium seeds are soothing your gut, but not curing it.

Please see page 574 onward in my Course to finally stop the destruction of your colon wall, and end the horrific odors and lack of well-formed movements. Get your gut back, so you don’t have to THINK about it every day.

Why take simple warnings for granted...

Got Puffy Ankles? Could be a Secret Sign of Heart Failure.

edema puffy feet, a serious sign of hearty failure

Did you know that 78% of acute heart failure patients had swelling in lower legs and ankles, said a report in the American Journal of Medicine.

THE GOOD NEWS: when one of many plant chemicals was used by doctors, “Ankle edema from failing heart disappeared by 83%.” That’s what happened in a test of 1,000 patients, says a German research study.

This is extra good news for anyone with bad heart genes in their family. Inherited heart muscle diseases are “relatively common conditions that can lead to heart failure and sudden cardiac death,” say researchers at Ohio State University.

I myself used this plant chemical to keep a loved one alive, when her heart was fluttering dangerously and she could have died. I was terrified, yet I saved her with plants used correctly. So for me, this isn’t research, it’s real.

In addition, after heart surgery, such as angioplasty to open-up arteries, doctors see hearts reclog within six months. This reclogging is called re-stenosis. Stenosis is abnormal narrowing of blood vessels. As doctors admit privately in their own journals—not to you, “Effective systemic drugs against re-stenosis are largely lacking.” Yet doctors at the University of Munich studied plant chemicals, and said...

“The present study suggests a novel adjunct pharmacological strategy to prevent angioplasty-related re-stenosis.” Expect the latest plant medicine and genetic breakthroughs in my easy-to-use Course in Genetic Healing. Because your life may depend on one of them, and as I found out myself, they’re NOT OUT THERE.

You can do it, but like I found out, I doubt you’ll make it happen with healthfood advice that’s over-focused on cleansing. The reason cleansing can’t solve this is because...

The toxins are coming from a chemical break-down. They’re not coming from french fries. The breakdown is producing toxins faster than you can eliminate them. Stop the secret cause, not the surface symptoms. Then you’ll finally get well—and be happy.

The Big lesson readers and I had to learn: A great diet is nice, but...It’s not enough to protect your body—from damaged genes. Thank the heavens, there’s so much you CAN do to save yourself.

All these not-known details I’ve just mentioned, and a gazillion other things that are almost impossible to locate, are all inside A Course in Genetic Healing.

Now...with this Course, you can cure many inherited diseases that up till now, you didn’t believe you could. Like other readers, yes you CAN cure these, right at home. It really is EASIER than you think. Because I’ve made it easy. Now let’s look at fixing—

Heart Disease: Stop Bad Genes that Diet Alone Can’t

GOOD diet is essential to protect your heart. But it may not be enough.

Because more than one set of genes are involved.

Yes, there is one chromosome for heart disease, called 9p21. It can be stopped by a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, say doctors. That’s terrific, but that’s only one gene. What about...

...the genes for higher stroke risk?

...the genes for higher risk of heart muscle disease?

...the genes for aneurysm?

...the genes for high blood pressure, over 16 of them?

For example, millions of people have a higher risk for ischemic stroke, where an artery to the brain gets blocked. That’s from a gene mutation on chromosome 12. Guess what you don’t know?

It’s that 20% of white people have this gene. 10% of blacks have it, from at least one parent. Each copy of this gene increases your risk of a brain stroke by 30%. And when a stroke’s over, it’s not over. You could be disabled, a part of a person for the rest of your life. But you can stop this from happening.

Or if it did happen, use the power over genes given to you in the Course -- to be a whole and happy person once more.

Gene-Triggered Heart Degeneration: Getting the Help You Need

Cut cholesterol all you want (and you should), but if you have mutations recently found in Chromosome 12 or Gene WNK1, you could suffer from severe heart breakdown anyway. The Good news: there’s A LOT you can to do rebuild a heart, like rebuilding a home after a tornado. Plant chemicals are not weak little sissies. They are strong, IF you use them as instructed.

sandras grandparents Heart Disease Runs in Her Family: These are Sandra’s rural Canadian grandparents, Freeman and Louise. Four generations of heart disease genes on her Grandpa’s side...And Granny had what she called ‘her sugar,’ which is diabetes -- a predictor of heart disease. (Louise went from a stroke).   
    Grandpa Freeman died in a day, from his first heart attack. So did his son Flloyd, Sandra’s Uncle -- at the same age, same way. And sure enough, my Sandra was diagnosed with a heart valve defect -- and now she’s approaching the age at which her relatives passed. Thankfully, Sandra or anyone else can... control the outside of their heart genes (the Epi-Gene) -- to regulate the ON-OFF switches—to break a family health pattern, and live long. That’s what the Course in Genetic Healing teaches you, what’s not known and not ‘out-there.’

Whether you believe it or not, you can do this, even when doctors say: “You need a transplant or you’ll die.” For example, plant chemicals plus bacteria in your intestines can create a life-saving compound that...

...helps your body create new blood vessels -- after the old ones have been trashed.

Your body can do tissue remodeling (like remodeling your kitchen) to create more blood flow to damaged areas in your heart. Plant chemicals called nitrates supply a key ingredient for this space-age heart rebuilder.

You know what shocked me?

The discovery is not as new as I first thought. The use of these plant nitrates on heart repair—and on absolutely-severe chest pain, was known to Chinese medical medicine back in the 8th century—say doctors at Michigan State University.

In addition, there’s other plant chemicals that HAVE to be used together (and they never normally are)—to bring a failing heart back to power.

One group of these plant chemicals strengthens a feeble heart (takes it up), while the other set of chemicals does the opposite.

They calm your heart down. And like a vaccine, these chemicals also seem to immunize your heart against stress -- body stress or life-stress.

If a person seems to be deteriorating, and you don’t know WHAT to do, these are the plant chemicals to use, to air-lift their heart (even other organs like the kidneys) up and out of a crisis.

Who says you can’t have...
The regenerating power of stem-cell transplants, in a home program?

Now what if you could...

Use the power of life-restoring stem cells (from your body), to regenerate and regrow your own organs and damaged tissues (including bone, skin, nerves, etc)?

And what if you could do it at home today—not decades or more from now? How could this possibly be? Let’s take a look at what the Course in Genetic Healing readers are reporting.

Stem cells are the rage in science today—for a good reason. In simple terms, what are they?

image of stem cells, which have the power to regenerate sick organs, especially if you use plant chemicals aggressively Super-cells Saving My Readers? This is a stem cell nestled among ordinary red blood cells. Stem cells are super-cells we all have in limited quantities.    
    They contain the regeneration genes needed to create any type of new tissue to heal a sick human body. That’s why scientists are so excited about them.   
    In fact, I personally believe the activation of these super-cells may explain the results some readers are seeing—with serious inherited diseases.

Stem cells are primitive cells that can turn into many different kinds of cells—as needed. A stem cell has the regenerating genes inside it—and the power to release them. And those genes contain the code to make new anything—you name it. If we can unlock this genetic power, our stem cells can theoretically grow new organs and body parts—without transplants of other people’s organs.

Stem cells are how an embryo grows from a few cells to many types of cells: nerves, lung cells, brain cells, and so on. Now—scientists want to figure out how to get this ‘new-life’ power to blossom in a damaged adult. For example, at a lab associated with the University of Pittsburgh, a scientist was able to get a chopped-off finger on a man to regrow. And that’s just the beginning.

According to the National Institutes of Health, your adult body has a limited amount of stem cells with limited abilities. It uses them to fix normal wear and tear. These stem cells are in various parts of your body right now, such as your bone marow—and in your brain. Here’s something exciting that’s been discovered...

The stem cells in your brain DO have the ability to create the three major types of nerve cells your brain needs. These cells are the A, B C’s of a powerful brain. They are called astrocytes—they provide nutrients to brain tissue; oligodendrocytes—they insulate nerve cells, and neurons—these are actual nerve cells. This science is practical and it’s a today thing, because—

One of my readers, a minister, appears to have regenerated them in his wife following a massive stroke. He used powerful plant chemicals, as you’ll read in a moment. normal circumstances, adult stem cells don’t seem able to repair or correct severe organ damage—like that caused by disease. Scientists wonder if that’s because the body doesn’t make enough of them. Here’s the big picture...

Growing more active stem cells -- and turning-on their regeneration genes -- is what I believe this Course is doing for readers. As you can see, this is so much bigger than old-fashioned symptom-fixing.

Cure Your DOGS and Other Loved Animals ...with Strong Plant Chemicals.

Sam Biser’s Scottish Terrier Suzi, her life after illness was extended by plant chemicals

You can use the information in this Course in Genetic Healing to cure your own pets. I did. You can too.

This is my Scotty-dog Suzi above. I extended her life from genetic kidney disease. And I saved her Scotty-brother Jimmy from his inherited cancer. Dogs are prone to these diseases -- because of bad breeding, and poisons and pesticides -- that damage their genes.

When Jimmy was 11 years old, he got lymphoma, which is lymph cancer. A wholistic vet told me, “Get another dog. This one has lived out his lifespan.” In my head, I told her to get lost, because I was going to save Jimmy—without her help. I sure did. He lived (and greatly enjoyed) another one and a half healthy years, which is ten dog years. When he finally passed, medical tests showed he had no cancer at all.

Save your pets, by learning how to stop tumors, leukemia, cardiac collapse, and kidney failure.

It may be hard to believe, but you can use the information in this Course to save animals who only have hours to live. Because animals RESPOND powerfully to plant chemicals used correctly. Readers have done it, including one reader, Anne P. in Maine. She saved her old police horse Rocky—on what should have been his last evening. Details are in the Course.

Inside this Course, you’ll learn the same specific instructions and programs that I and other readers used to save their greatly-loved animals. Why put a true-blue companion down, when you can get them out of pain and disease -- and save them. As for me, I can’t live without animal love. I’ll bet you’re the same. So learn how to keep your WHOLE family (humans and pets) together.

The highest level of human healing is...the regeneration and regrowth of NEW tissue—to replace what was damaged or destroyed. And what’s more...

I have already witnessed this with my own eyes.

A loved one smashed-up and destroyed her kneecap in a fall. I showed her how to use one of the home programs in the Course to regrow tissue—with plant chemicals from overlooked inexpensive herbs. I actually saw her kneecap over months, re-form its youthful shape and power—without a surgeon’s blade. It was like space-age science fiction. Yet yes, I watched it happen, day by day. She told me, “Thank you for giving me my knee back.

Your body HAS NEVER COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN how to grow new tissues or organs. That knowledge remains locked in a personal library—the genes of your stem cells.

IF you are open-minded, and IF you believe you shouldn’t have to wait 25 years for this to be practical, then you can learn to re-open the doors to that curing library. Like the woman named Dorothy who wrote me this last weekend. First, I’ll be frank...

She has a disease you’ll never get, but that does not matter one whit.

What’s happening inside her body should excite the dickens out of you, because we’re talking regeneration on a mass scale—and fast.

What does matter is that within a month, a mere month—she’s obviously regrowing new cells—new nerve cells all over her body. She is beginning to recover from a disease currently called ‘incurable.’

That disease is ALS—Lou Gehrig’s disease, which causes nerve cells in the brain and spinal column to waste away and die. Then you can’t send messages to muscles. Eventually, you can’t move your arms, legs or body. When your chest muscles fail, you can’t breathe. Swallowing can become impossible. This is what Dorothy revealed to me,

“I was recently diagnosed with ALS. My doctors offered little hope. In the beginning it was difficult to swallow. After 30 days, my neurologist saw significant improvement in my cognition (and overall condition). He told me to continue with the program. I am doing better, and the disease seems to have stopped it’s progression.” A week after this email, I heard from Dorothy again, with even more good news. She said...

“My swallowing is improved and I think my speech is better. I will keep in touch and let you know how I do.

Dear reader, this is decades ahead of what medicine can do. And here’s more news on regrowing another organ:

Doctors hope to use stem cells to help a damaged pancreas grow more insulin-producing beta-cells—to cure diabetes. That’s in the future. And yet...

A Course reader in New York, A. Robinson, used all the latest Genetic Healing organ-regenerating programs. He said, “My doctor told me I regenerated my pancreas. I am totally off insulin after once facing amputation.” The big questions is...

Doubt all you want, but it’s really possible to...

Re-ignite Brain Nerves—Long Years after Stroke Damage

nerves in the brain can now be regenerated to a larger degree than you might believe

Normally, when a person has stroke damage, it lasts and lasts. But does it HAVE to be that way? Here’s what you don’t know, that could change your life...

Says the Department of Neurology, Medical College of Georgia, “Cells of the central nervous system were once thought to be incapable of regeneration. This dogma has been challenged in the last decade, with studies showing new migrating stem cells in the brain...and findings of new neurones in the human hippocampus in adults.” But what can you do today?

One reader regenerated his speech, years after his stroke and quadruple bypass. Maybe it could have happened spontaneously, on its own...or maybe it was the brain-reviving plant chemical methods he learned from my Course.

Are these people activating the dormant genetic power in their adult stem cells? I don’t know. The case is not typical. Maybe cases like this are flukes, accidents of nature—or cases of spontaneous organ regeneration. Or maybe the methods in my Course in Genetic Healing are years ahead of natural healing—and medicine too.

Now here’s an organ you need to know how to protect. And if necessary, learn to regenerate it. It’s your brain, and the problem is strokes.

STROKES: Good diet is not enough to protect you. Learn what is.

Doctors say about 4 out of 5 families will be affected by a stroke.

Did you know that stroke is the leading cause of adult disability in the U.S.—in spite all the drugs and physical therapies used to help make victims feel ‘normal’ again?

Do you know how to cure strokes so strong, limbs appear dead (even turn dark)? My Course readers do.

Did you know how to use inexpensive plant chemicals to regenerate lost speech—even a long time after their stroke occurred. I thought this was scientifically impossible, yet a reader wrote and told me I was wrong.

Scientists have learned how bad genes are a major cause of stroke. For example, there is a gene, called Tp53, which affects whether you will survive a stroke—and how much disability you will end up with. Yet once again, you don’t HAVE to be a victim of your genes. You can act in advance to block them—and what’s more....

If a stroke has already occurred...even years earlier, your body has repair mechanisms most patients haven’t begun to touch. There is hope you haven’t heard of. I know this is so, because of direct testimony from my readers. One of them was a minister named Reverend W.—and he must have been quite shocked—like most healthfooders, when in spite of a great diet...

Minister ‘Secretly’ Helps
His Congregation with
This Course

church Reverend W. is a minister in New England—but secretly, he saves lives in his family, his congregation, his friends—by using ALL the proven home programs taught in my Course in Genetic Healing.

I asked the Reverend, who’s been saving dozens of ‘I can’t believe I’m still alive’ church members...

“Does disease frighten you?”

He answered so loud, my wife heard him over the other side of the room...

NOT AT ALL. Not anymore.

He told me, “We are merely witnesses to the fact that we are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ (Psalms 139:14, The Bible).” He said, “The Intelligence of the Creator is literally written all over our bodies—and our bodies will always respond if given half a chance.”

The Reverend was full of cases and enthusiasm.

He told me about a man he met at a church luncheon who had Stage 3 Leukemia. He asked the guy the first question he asks everyone who’s ill:

“What are you WILLING TO DO?” why waste your time with people who just want to diddle around—and not roll-up their sleeves and do the work to cure themselves!

The church member’s wife was a medical nurse, and there were doctors in the family. The man DID go ahead, but he had ZERO support. Nothing but criticism—attacks, attacks, attacks—from family members, for using proven methods taught in the Course. But this leukemia patient had the guts to tell them all to take a hike—and a good thing he did, because 7 months later, he was symptom-free and 8 YEARS later—STILL symptom-free. (Legally, I can’t say that the minister’s cases are typical, or will be your response.)

I asked the Minister, “Did you ever find the information in the Course elsewhere?”

He said flatly, “No. After years of searching, we still find that the Internet is not the answer, but your Course in Genetic Healing is.”

To get a copy of the Course in Genetic Healing for yourself, click here to go to our shopping cart.

At the age of 61, his wife had an absolutely massive stroke. It came out of the blue, just three days before they were about to attend a wedding. Here’s what the minister found out:

Good food is great. But it’s not enough to protect you. Because you can’t ignore genes.

It was a GIANT stroke. No speech. She couldn’t talk. Not a word. She couldn’t walk. Not a step. Half her body was GONE—just like that. The only difference between the minister and you in this situation was that he knew something now covered in my Course. It has to do with hormones and it’s this...

Beginning in early-middle age, both men and women go through a drop in hormones. Not just sex hormones—hormones from many glands. These hormones affect many things, not just how prone you are to a stroke. For example, as the thyroid declines, people can get skinny or blow-up and get fat. As the adrenal glands run down, you can lose energy and feel more stressed-out—because the adrenals spark the production of energy...and makes anti-stress hormones.

In addition, as your pancreas declines, your production of the sugar-hormone insulin can get erratic. You can get diabetes. And what’s more, insulin problems can trigger otherwise benign tumors to metastasize, migrate through the blood—and become cancerous. That’s from research done at the Scripps Institute in LaJolla, CA. Here’s how this ties into Genes and Strokes...

Your genes are like a loaded gun. Then a multiple hormone crash comes along and pulls the trigger. Finally, your genes come flying out of the shadows...and strike, like they did with the minister’s wife. Unlike most people, the minister was armed—with rare knowledge from my Course. So he took control of the situation...

Doctors wanted to do open-brain surgery—and the Reverend was afraid THEIR knives could leave her paralyzed. Instead, he took her home and...

Eight hours later—after following the instruction in the Course, his wife began to respond. Her brain started to emerge. If you don’t know the science involved, yes I admit, it does sound hard-to-believe...But a mere 3 1/2 weeks after the stroke happened, she regained her ability to speak at a normal speed. There are some words still difficult for her to pronounce. Yes, she can walk again.

The Reverend told me, “Sam, they used to say that when brain cells die, they are permanently gone. Then later, they said that, ‘Well, maybe they can come back.’ But I proved that—THEY REALLY DO.”

Of course, maybe her recovery is an exception. A fluke or a divine miracle. But the Reverend says it was from what he learned in the Course.

No Kickbacks. No Cuts.

No kickback. No Cuts. That’s why people trust Sam Biser

That’s Why People Trust Me.

I, Sam Biser, do NOT get kickbacks from any natural products company or supplier. Compare that to...

...ever-so-many new-era web “journalists” —who secretly get slices of EVERYTHING you click on inside their sites...(from specially-coded affiliate links)—on everything from books to bottles. Not with me. By contrast...

My $149 Course can save you thousands—and it gives you cures you won’t get from sales-driven healer-sellers and internet stores. These guys try to convince you there’s a pill or powder (one of theirs) for every ailment. Oh really?

My Course includes inexpensive, easy-to-get sources of everything you need year-round—no matter where you live.

Most of the herbs you need are trivial in cost. For example, my wife Sandra and I bought a key nerve herb that is strong enough to change a person’s life. The cost was about $9 a pound -- for a year’s supply.

Then there’s one of many plant chemicals so strong, it can help block bad genes. I’ve seen preparations of this easily-available herb go for $22 for 2 ounces, which comes to $176 per 16 ounces. But you can get it yourself, follow the easy-for-anyone instructions in my Course, and easily make 2 ounces for about 20 cents. Same quality or even stronger. That’s what I’ve seen.

Other readers are planting the plants or herbs they need along with their vegetable gardens. No-one ever told them (guess why?) that it was THIS easy.

Some plant chemicals (spices, etc) you need are available in local grocery stores, or for those who are interested, they can even be grown in your windowsill. How about that for saving cash?

If money matters (and unless you’re an Arab Sheik), I would think it DOES—then get the Course. Save your life, and save a ton of money too.

Now—with this Course, you’ve got a toolbox of home methods to take charge again. The modest $149 cost of the Course is nothing to the money you’ll pay—if you ignore your genes, then end up in a hospital or on a high-priced, clinic-to-clinic, supplement-to-supplement search for answers that don’t exist—except in my Course in Genetic Healing.

Secrets of Successfully Using Plant Chemicals—to Stop the Bad Genes We all Have.

If you can make a cup of tea with a teabag, then you can use plant chemicals to stop bad DNA.

I have readers all over the world who do this—and their surprise was: Oh gosh, it’s so easy.

They thought it would be much easier to order formulas. Not true.

They thought that what they could buy would be stronger. Not true.

They thought that if they did it themselves, they would screw-it up—and that there was a lot to learn. Not true.

They thought they would save money buying formulas instead of making them. Not true.

What readers did discover was that—in the long-run, in a serious illness, they were thousands of dollars richer, for doing this themselves.

And the shock of all shocks, there were simple steps they could take (I’ll teach you in my Course) that will turn the simple preparations you make...into something more potent than anything out there. Don’t believe me? Neither did thousands of others, until they found out I was right.

Many people thought plant chemicals were not strong enough to cure serious inherited disease. And that can be true, if you use them IN-CORRECTLY. But IF you use them the RIGHT ways, they are— strong enough. And my Course in Genetic Healing will make that as clear as day.

You’ll learn how to get bioactive plant compounds directly into any sick body part—where they need to go, whether it’s your head, your lungs, or into your male and female organs—to cure them.

Lots of readers took their plant medicine in capsules for years -- and to their shock, they just got sicker and sicker. Yet to the reader’s great surprise, when they tried these methods, they saw plant chemicals do things that had never happened for them before. And they got well.

You Get: Specific Instructions for Stopping YOUR Disease

Above all, this Course is PRACTICAL. For you, that means the following...

1) TO-DO Lists: You get TO-DO Lists for Your Condition, that are as CLEAR and DETAILED as what I would give to family members in trouble. These recommendations are based on what was used successfully by over 200,000 readers.

All This is So Easy, says a Military Man

A Military Man Reviews the Sam Biser Course

One new customer, a military man overseas, named Stephen R., was skeptical he could do this himself. Yet after reading the Course, he wrote us saying...

...that which I thought would be dark and mysterious, turned out to be simple to understand and apply. I truly see, hear, and feel the labor of love and compassion in all of this.

Stephen was so impressed, help his friends back in the states, Stephen bought four more Courses to be shipped to them.

2) Specifics for YOUR disease: The lessons are loaded with practical instructions, often specific to your illness. Basically, the science explains WHY and the instructions explain HOW. You need both.

One gives motivation. The other gives guidance. Sam Biser has always been known for practical specifics. For example, the first lesson alone, which is one on the brain, is over 100 pages of specifics. When you’re ill, you don’t need fluff-talk. You need details.

3) Reader Reactions and Questions Answered: You get reactions and experiences from readers, who have ALREADY done what you’ll be taught -- and they SUCCEEDED. With their help, you will too.

In addition, hundreds of reader questions are asked and answered in the Course.

Is it too scientific? NO, NO, NO. As my wife has learned, I CAN’T STAND writing that confuses people by going over their head. I never let that happen. I write like you and I were meeting for coffee, so I make Science FUN, then I make it practical. And what’s even better...

This is easy. That’s what surprised readers say. It comes down to this --

I’m giving you an opportunity that most people in natural healing never get in a lifetime of health-seeking... learn the overlooked, ignored, and still not genetic cures...for diseases that run in your family. These diseases don’t stop, because they’re driven by bad genes. Happily...

Sam’s Risk-Free 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Take your time (two whole months) and read my entire Course. Learn all the new genetic healing programs. Then use it yourself. That’s the best way I know to help you.

I believe from past experience—that you’ll be feeling SO much improved—just like other readers. But if you and your family aren’t delighted you got this Course, then sure...just send it back for a fast refund. You have everything to gain by using this Course of New Knowledge.

Sam Biser

Legendary Health Journalist, since 1973

Thanks to new science, everything has changed -- in a way I never thought.

Excuse me, but opportunities like this don’t roll by every day.

Why on earth would you NOT want to know this? -- when your life or the life of someone you love may depend on it -- especially if you want the latest in natural healing -- and I know you do, don’t you?

Learn what not one health-seeker in 10,000 (if that) now knows. And save people with...

...gene-driven Alzheimer’s

...gene-driven cancers that metastasize

...gene-triggered heart disease

...gene-triggered strokes that occur in spite of a low-fat diet.

The raw reality: Genes are not a side-show. They run the show -- from behind the curtains. But you can beat them.

Look, let’s face the facts. Did you know that...

“Hurray! I Beat My Father’s Cancer Gene,” —says Sandra, Sam’s Wife

Sandra, from 3 to 59

I was a Daddy’s girl; I got his love...and his cancer gene too. He must have taken 100’s of pictures of me over the years, like the one above when I was three.

When I was 21, I got the call at college that he had suddenly collapsed in the bathroom, was rushed to the hospital, had emergency brain surgery and was in a coma. Six weeks later, he died at the age of fifty-five.

It was a fast-growing brain cancer no-one saw coming. No noticeable symptoms, other than he sounded a little different the last time I talked to him on the telephone.

Back then, I never thought about inherited disease. I just missed him.

Fast-forward to my being married to Sam—and enjoying meeting over the years, so many brilliant doctors, scientists and healers. I was shocked when one of them did their tests and diagnosed a brain tumor starting to form in my brainstem. Oh my God, the same place at about the same age as my father.

I would do anything to avoid a death like his. Fortunately, I learned from all of Sam’s original and tested health journalism -- that I could actually stop that cancer gene from expressing itself—with proven plant chemicals. I did what he’s telling you about—and it worked. (Sam has to say that maybe my case is not typical, but that’s O.K.) Today, I’m 64, feel great, and I no longer fear that an inherited disease will cause my end.

So let’s have a toast -- to never worrying about our genes again!


The greatest shift in natural healing and Medicine in the last 100 years has already occurred. It’s a new era of healing, but what kind? The shocker is this: Medical scientists are doing something our original natural healers never dreamed of...

They’re moving from directly attacking Disease -- to BLOCKING and shutting down the genes that actually trigger them -- in almost all cases. And they’re doing all this with plant chemicals, which believe it or not, do strongly affect your genes.

The Bottom-Line: More people, lots more people than ever before...can now be saved.

This doesn’t exist in chat rooms. Good luck.

And it doesn’t exist in hundreds of health books that come out every year. Don’t hold your breath waiting.

Without these new, overlooked discoveries, you’ll be lost at an ocean of outdated natural healing tips, as you waste time checking and trying out one thing after another. Why would you want to go through all that? -- when you’ll TRIUMPH with all the new genetic breakthroughs now contained in my Course in Genetic Healing.

My mission since I began my career in ’73 was to bring you information you don’t know -- to make sure you survive what others do not.

From the first page to the last of this new Course, I guarantee you NEW discoveries -- that neither you or I ever knew.

They’re NOT on the Net and NOT in the News, because this is leading-edge science I made simple -- and so practical. Like I always do.

Learn how to get your inherited genes under control. Because they really run the show -- until YOU take charge.

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A Course in Genetic Healing by Sam Biser

$149 With this Course in Genetic Healing, you’ll learn how to conquer your genes. Science says, “Yes you can.” This world-famous home Course teaches you how to use proven plant chemicals—which saved thousands from gene-related diseases.

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